Head massage for relaxationThe focus and intent of all of Alicia’s work is to deliver professional, high-quality therapeutic massage in a respectful and nurturing environment. She uses hypoallergenic deep tissue massage cream, which isn’t greasy and doesn’t stain clothing. The only areas of your body that are uncovered at any one time are the areas that she is working on. And every treatment is a customized blend of deep tissue, orthopedic, Swedish, circulatory, and neuromuscular techniques that fits the needs of her clients. Alicia works at a pressure level that is comfortable for you, so that the massage is firm without being too soft or too painful. At the end of the session, you might be sore for a day or two (or not at all), and it feels like soreness brought on by too much exercise. Many of her clients tell her that she gives them the best massages they’ve ever received in their lives, and she has a large clientele who receive regular massages to help them deal with stress, tension and pain. Male clients are accepted by referral only.