These COVID-19 office policies are in place to keep me and my clients safe as well as to ensure that my business is able to remain open in the months to come.

In-Person Appointment Protocol

  • With the highly contagious Delta variant in mind, all clients need to wear a snug-fitting, multi-layer mask (without a valve) for your entire session. Acceptable choices are 2-3 layer cloth masks, N95, KN95 and KF94 masks, and surgical masks. If you don’t have one of these masks, I will provide you with one to use.
  • If you just received a COVID-19 vaccination, please wait at least 9 days before getting a massage. You want the vaccine to activate and stir up your immune system, and massage can accelerate that process in unpleasant ways.
  • You can enter the building up to 5 minutes before your appointment is scheduled to begin.
  • Please stop off at the bathroom and wash your hands with soap before coming into my office.
  • Please bring your own water bottle from home if you think you will need to drink water during your appointment. I am not allowed to provide water for my clients.

Illness Guidelines

Keep these tips in mind if you’ve been sick recently:

  1. At least three full days need to pass with no fever (without the use of fever-reducing medications) and no acute respiratory illness symptoms; AND
  2. At least 14 days need to have passed since your symptoms first appeared.
  3. If you test positive for COVID-19, please wait at least 90 days before receiving a massage, due to the increased risk of blood clotting disorders (even with asymptomatic infections).

Office Cleaning and Safety Policies

  • I wash my hands thoroughly before and after every treatment.
  • I wear a 5-layer disposable mask with a cloth mask on top at all times to minimize aerosol particulates in the room.
  • All of the linens that are touched and used in a massage session are removed and laundered after every client.
  • All of the equipment and tools that are used in a session are cleaned after every use.
  • Every surface that clients touch is cleaned and disinfected after every session.
  • There are four HEPA filters in the room: two medical grade HEPA filters and two regular HEPA filters.  The filters are constantly running. There is also a small fan that blows air away from the massage table and towards a HEPA filter on the side of the room. In between clients, the filters are set to high speed to completely remove aerosol particulates in the space of just a few minutes.
  • There is a space of 30 minutes in between clients to allow time for the air of the room to be cleaned and filtered.
  • Air filters are changed regularly.
  • All intake forms and payment processes are touch-free.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please give me at least 24 hours notice. Forty-eight hours is better. That gives me time to try to fill your appointment space with another client who has been waiting for an opening in my schedule. Emergencies and illnesses are perfectly good reasons for cancelling at the last minute, and I completely understand if unforeseen circumstances prevent your making it to an appointment. However, repeated last-minute cancellations as well as no-shows will be charged the full price of our session. Thank you so much for your understanding.