When to Avoid Massage

While my clients appreciate the many benefits of massage, such as reducing pain and stiffness, recovering quickly from injuries, reducing stress levels and blood pressure, and boosting immunity, there are also times when you should either wait or see your doctor first. I’ve realized over time that many of my clients don’t know when to avoid massage. Here are a few examples:

  • When you’re coming down with an illness
  • If you’ve just had a vaccination shot
  • If you’re recently recovering from major surgery (with general anesthesia)
  • With burns (including sunburn) or open wounds
  • With severe osteoporosis
  • If you’ve been diagnosed with blood clots, especially in the legs
  • With major injuries, unexplained pain, or fractures
  • If you have any contagious skin conditions
  • If you have any kind of blood clotting disorder
  • If you’re being treated for cancer

With these tips in mind, I hope you continue to take good care of yourself and make sure that you follow an inspiring self-care routine. Here’s to your good health!