About Alicia Mutch

Alicia is a massage therapist and hypnotherapist living in Healdsburg, California. As a massage therapist, she specializes in deep tissue massage, medical massage, pregnancy massage, and Swedish massage. As a hypnotherapist, she helps her clients quit smoking, lose weight, gain self-confidence and motivation, heal rapidly, and break free of their limitations. She also teaches HypnoBirthing® natural childbirth classes, and helps women and their partners birth without fear in a calm, relaxed, and beautiful way. She birthed her own amazing HypnoBirthing® baby in May of 2013, and life will never be the same again. She’s been living in Sonoma county since 2000, and has a passion for health, wellness, birth, mommyhood, cloth diapering, and other random subjects. It’s all connected somehow.