How to Remove Rancid Oil from Massage Sheets

In April, I discovered that my beloved deep tissue massage cream had been discontinued. Suddenly, twelve years of using the same fabulous massage cream dissolved in one fell swoop. I broke into a panic and started researching replacements. The reason I loved this cream so much was because of its hypoallergenic nature. I have uber sensitive skin. Most massage creams and oils leave my hands feeling itchy, dry, scaly, and lizard-like, which is pretty bad for the longevity of a massage career. I flew to Seattle and visited my very favorite massage supply store, Zenith Supplies, and bought some samples of creams and lotions for research. My best friend Christine lives near Seattle and volunteered to be my massage lotion testing research subject. She’s so brave. I found two great creams from Biotone, with hypoallergenic ingredients, and have been using them ever since.

Now, here’s the problem. It’s four months into my new massage cream usage. This week, I noticed that my massage sheets are taking on a nasty, rancid oil smell. Yuck!!!!! I am pining for my old deep tissue cream, but it’s not coming back any time soon. So, today I drove to Safeway and bought four cases of Classic Coke (On sale: buy 2 cases, get 2 free).

No, I’m not going on a Coca-Cola drinking binge. My blog is called, “Creating Wellness,” remember?

Did you know that Coca Cola is one of the best degreasers ever? I learned this trick in massage school. One can of Coke emptied into the washing machine along with the normal amount of laundry detergent lifts that nasty rancid oil smell right out of the sheets. It’s like a magic fairy wand. You can let the sheets soak in it for a while, or just run the washer as you normally would. And then, voila! Fresh, clean sheets. Many massage therapists use bleach to pull the oil out. It doesn’t work very well, and leaves your sheets smelling like a rancid hot tub. Yummy.

In the rest of the world, Coca Cola also helps get that stale, human oil smell out of bedsheets. You know what I’m talking about. You pull the “clean” sheets out of the closet, and after you’ve made the bed, there’s an unwashed human smell lingering in the room. Coca Cola is better than linen spray, and a million times better than Tide. With my uber sensitive skin, I don’t want any nasty perfume-y crud rubbing its chemical compounds into my skin. That’s a recipe for disaster.

I found another blog that lists 51 uses for Coca Cola. Let it be known that I have used Coke in the past to remove rust from car brake light wires with fabulous success. Notice that I don’t recommend drinking it. Coca Cola cans are lined with BPA, and the same compound in Coke that degreases my sheets also removes the BPA right along with some of the aluminum from the can. When you drink it from the can, you’re getting all that great BPA along with a shot of aluminum. Keep the Coke in the laundry room.

For the Coca-Cola curious:
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You Are Already Hypnotized

I was sitting at the Flying Goat Coffee shop yesterday (typing my blog), and a gentleman approached me and struck up a conversation. He eventually asked me what I did for a living, and I told him I was a hypnotherapist. I’ve noticed that this tends to receive very similar responses. Most people ask me (in defiance): “Well, can you hypnotize me?” as if daring me to try to push against all of their resistance. My natural response is, “I don’t need to. You’re already hypnotized.” People are always a little startled by this. Let me explain what I mean. You have had an entire lifetime of experiences that have caused you to form opinions about the world around you. Those opinions will either lift you up or drag you down in your life. Just by forming those opinions, you have automatically begun to limit your own potential as a human being. The catch is, you formed many of those opinions when you were younger than 10 years old (often the tender age of 3 or 4) and were completely lacking in an adult viewpoint of the world. My question to you is: do you want to be driven by the decisions, emotions, opinions and tantrums of that 4-year-old for the rest of your life?

The subconscious mind is responsible for directing our energy that drives us toward our goals in life. If you don’t set a goal for it, it will either choose its own, or choose a goal that someone else has suggested. And that means — you guessed it– our subconscious mind often chooses the goals that were programmed in us by the things that happened in our childhood (often by our parents). At that point in our lives, we were too young to filter out the destructive messages from the constructive messages, so we took them all in. No wonder we walk around so often in a state of confusion. We are so used to giving ourselves mixed messages that we don’t even know we’re doing it.

Here are some examples for you. You say to yourself, “I would really love to go to the gym, but I never find the time.” Your subconscious mind is working very hard to not find the time to go to the gym, just like you directed it to. Here’s another one. You say to yourself: “I shouldn’t eat that piece of chocolate cake, but I really can’t resist it.” Your subconscious mind is working very hard to drop all resistance to the chocolate cake. Or how about this one: you say, “I want to be in a loving relationship, but no one ever seems to notice me.” Your subconscious mind is working overtime to make you INVISIBLE, just like you requested. The subconscious mind is like the genie in the lamp. It says, “Your wish is my command,” and goes out of its way to make that wish come true. Be careful what you ask for, because your subconscious mind will manifest it for you (in all of its dysfunction). It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

The solution is to get clear on what your actual goals are and to drop the mixed messages entirely. Hypnosis is a great way to go directly to the subconscious mind and upgrade the system software. You can actually grow up that 4-year-old inside of you and bring them with you into your adult perspective. You have more control over what you choose to manifest in your life. How about that? In my previous examples, that would be: 1) Go to the gym regularly; 2) Eat healthy foods; 3) Manifest a loving relationship and be VISIBLE to the world.

My favorite personal mixed message is, “I should really type a blog entry, but I would rather do a billion other things.” Let’s just say I’m transforming that one as I type this. My new inner message is, “I love writing blog entries, and I carve time out of my week to sit down and type. I type especially well with a cup of tea next to me.” If I get to choose the new message, I want it to involve tea. Enough said.

That’s all for now.