“How could I believe when I had gone through, not one but two, long and excruciating labors? I was petrified. Then found HypnoBirthing. This birth took four and a half hours. I was relaxed and comfortable all the way. It was wonderful.”

“I was with my wife for the birth of our first child. It was a bad experience for us. Most of the techniques we practiced from the other course just weren’t there for us. HypnoBirthing was far more than we had even hoped for. Our daughter came into the world so easily and in such a calm atmosphere.”

“I kept telling myself all I would feel is pressure – and it works. That’s all I did feel. What a difference from my first labor.”

“I read about the advantages of self-hypnosis and relaxation in a magazine and set out to find a program that could teach me the method. I’m so happy I found HypnoBirthing. This was our first baby, and my active labor was only three hours from start to end. We were thrilled.”